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Theresa May: Great Britain enacted the rights of EU citizens      Brexit 

Theresa May: Great Britain enacted the rights of EU citizens   

According to the British Prime Minister, the rights of foreign EU citizens living in Britain will be regulated by law and will be enforced by British courts.

Theresa May reported Monday at the London House of Commons last week of EU summit in Brussels. The Heads of State and Government of the Member States remaining in the EU have decided to start the second phase of the negotiating series on the termination of British membership of the EU, which will address the post-Brex relations system – primarily trade relations.
In the first round of negotiations, it was primarily about guaranteeing the rights of foreign EU citizens, the British financial obligations and the avoidance of the re-emergence of physical border controls between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
Theresa May in Monday’s briefing on the House of Commons stated that the EU summit on Friday was based on a reciprocal agreement on the rights of British citizens residing in Britain and in EU countries. The British Prime Minister added that he considered this to be a top priority in the first phase of the Brexit negotiations.
Both goals have been achieved, and this can be achieved by joining the EU’s foreign nationals and the British settlers in other EU Member States by approaching Christmas, “said the British Prime Minister.
Theresa May said the British financial obligations vis-à-vis the EU were said to have been able to significantly reduce these payment obligations in the negotiations, the sum of which, based on “reasonable assumptions”, is currently estimated at between 35-39 billion pounds (12 500-14 thousand billion forints).
This is equivalent to a four-year EU budget contribution, and London is expecting two of these four years to fall short of the planned UK post-EU membership, the British Prime Minister said.
London is proposing a two-year transitional period after the exit, with the argument that in the eventual expiry of the British EU membership, in March 2019, neither the United Kingdom nor the European Union nor the EU Member States will be in a position to to seamlessly introduce many elements of the conditions underlying the new relationships.
Theresa May stressed in his lower house speech on Monday that the United Kingdom will not be a member of the EU single market and customs union even during this “strictly limited period of time”, as it will leave the EU by then.
According to May, however, London suggests that during this period, the United Kingdom and the European Union should have access to each other’s market even under current conditions.
The British Prime Minister also stressed that, according to London, foreign EU workers who arrive in Great Britain during this transitional period have already had an obligation to register. According to Theresa May, this will also be part of the preparation of the new UK immigration system.
The British government has repeatedly reaffirmed that foreign EU citizens who will be legally and permanently resident in Great Britain for five years on the date of expiry of the British EU membership on March 29, 2019 will be entitled to settled status and this will be simple , can be obtained almost automatically by official procedures.
London also agreed on an agreement with the EU that those who are staying less than five years old but are also living and legally resident in Great Britain will remain in custody until their stay in Great Britain reaches five years, and from now on they will also be entitled to permanent residence permits.
The new registration obligation will apply to those who arrive after Britain’s exit.
Theresa May, in Monday’s briefing in the House of Commons, said that Britain is beginning to prepare its trade policy in its own independent future, negotiating trade agreements with future partner countries and, if possible, signing those agreements that would take effect after the end of the transition period.
London wants to conclude a free trade agreement with the European Union for the post-Brexit period.

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