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Theresa May: There will be no new referendum on EU membership        Brexit 

Theresa May: There will be no new referendum on EU membership     

There will be no new referendum on UK membership, “Theresa May said in a statement on the LBC commercial radio show Tuesday evening.

May in the most listening commercial radio interview in London, on the host’s question on how to vote for a new referendum on EU membership, said he would never answer “assumption-based questions”.
The conservative British PM is well-known that he was a member of the Campaign for Retention in the campaign of last summer’s referendum. In LBC’s radio program, he confirmed that the referendum, on which a small, 51.9 percent majority of the participants wished to leave, voted for the resignation.
“In the meantime, I have done a good cause, but the circumstances change,” he said, adding that the task now is to implement a referendum decision on Brexit, that is, the British exit.
The reporter’s repeated question of whether “today” would hold a new referendum on how to vote, Theresa May was furiously saying that “I might say that I would still be voting but to leave, just to give me some answer to this question “.
He said, twice, adding that there will be no new referendum on British membership in the EU. “We will implement what the British people voted for, implement Brexit, and exit the European Union on March 29, 2019,” the British Prime Minister said on the radio program.
On March 29, Theresa May announced the activation of Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon. This article regulates – and the announcement of its activation has started – the Brexit process.
Under Article 50, UK membership of the EU is normally terminated two years after notification of the intention to leave. However, London and the EU may conclude an exit agreement that will enter into force earlier, but negotiations on exit conditions may be extended by a consensus decision by the Member States beyond the timeframe set for two years. Thus, British EU membership may, in principle, end before or after March 2019.

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