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Theresa May: The international community has responded with the largest coordinated expulsion action of all time United Kingdom 

Theresa May: The international community has responded with the largest coordinated expulsion action of all time

British Prime Minister Theresa May said there has not been a case of collective expulsion of Russian intelligence officers in history as British allies announced on Monday in response to a homicide attempt in Salisbury, England in March, targeted by Sergei Skripal, a former Russian-British double agent and her daughter, Julia Szkripal.

May said on Monday’s Monday afternoon news conference with representatives of the London House of Representatives that 18 of them – including 15 EU Member States and the United States, Canada and Ukraine – have opted for more than a hundred Russian intelligence expulsion.
According to the British head of government, the international community, with solidarity with Britain, has sent a message to Moscow that it will not tolerate repeated Russian attempts to undermine its value system and violate international law.
Theresa May said that the EU summit last week briefed the participants on the reasons why the British government was responsible for Russia’s “unreasoning, shameless” murder attempt against the former Russian agent and daughter.
All EU leaders agreed with the British assessment, and as a result, the statement by the European Council also changed, stating: The Heads of State and Government agree with the United Kingdom Government’s perception that responsibility for the poisoning incident is most likely to be borne by Russia and that Salisbury there is no other plausible explanation – the British Prime Minister said in Monday’s report.
He added that since the establishment of the European Union and NATO, the first time in Europe, the use of neurosurdy for assault purposes has been the case. According to Theresa May, this is an open breach of the Chemical Weapons Convention, and because it is a violent use of force, it is clearly contrary to the UN Charter.
According to the British head of government, European countries are taking steps to strengthen their resistance to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear risks and hybrid threats.
Britain has been expelled twenty days after the poisoning incident – Russian diplomats carrying out intelligence activities, according to the British authorities; they traveled from London last week.
Moscow soon called for the same British diplomat to leave, and the Russian government ordered the closure of the British Consulate in St Petersburg and stopped the activities of British Council in cultural and educational activities in more than a hundred countries in Russia.
London considers the poisoning of Scripta and her daughter as a murder attempt for which Russia is considered to be responsible. British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that “with great probability,” Russian President Vladimir Putin decided on the action.
But Moscow strongly denies having to do with the case and has offered to cooperate several times with London to investigate the case, but it requires tangible evidence from the British side.
In recent days, Russia has indicated in several diplomatic declarations that the British government has not received any evidence or even any official information about the Scripal case.
Sergei Skripal, Russian military intelligence, was also working for British intelligence (MI6). In Russia he was sentenced to 13 years in jail, but he could leave as a US-Russian exchange team. Later he settled in Great Britain and received British citizenship.
Her daughter was just visiting him in Salisbury when they both suffered heavy poisoning on March 4th. Since then, they have been treated in a crisis state in Salisbury Hospital.
According to the British Government, poisoning was caused by a Russian-based neuroscience class of neurotoxin-grade usable weapons.
On the Russian side, however, it is regularly reported that Russia has completely destroyed its military chemical substance for military use and was confirmed by the Hague-based Chemical Weapons Organization (OPCW) last year.
OPCW experts joined the Scripal case last week.

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