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Theresa May: Brexit negotiations begin 11 days after the elections Brexit United Kingdom 

Theresa May: Brexit negotiations begin 11 days after the elections

 According to Prime Minister Theresa May, according to the original timetable, eleven days after the British parliamentary elections next Thursday, substantial negotiations will begin with the European Union on the conditions of termination of British membership.

    May announced on a London-based campaign meeting Monday that the timetable is ready, “Europeans” are ready to start negotiations, and there is no way to defer or stop the negotiation process.
    The British Prime Minister first mentioned the campaign meeting of the Governor of the British Conservative Party in Wales at the time that last week that the “Europeans” would start the Brexit negotiations eleven days after the early British elections scheduled for 8 June.
    On this basis, the series of exit talks will start on Monday, 19 June.
    Theresa May did not mention the level of negotiations at the last week or now.
    Former EU officials have officially said repeatedly that substantive exit negotiations may begin only after the British parliamentary elections scheduled for 8 June, but an exact date was officially announced by Theresa May for the first time at the Welsh campaign last week, and this at Monday’s London Campaign confirmed.
    He announced that he would ask the electors to give him a clear mandate next Thursday to run the Brexit talks. According to Theresa May, “it would not be a safe decision” if the majority were to vote for the Labor Party on June 8 and who do not want the Brexit talks to be headed by Jeremy Corby, head of the Labor and Prime Minister’s nominees, its conservative Candidates must win.
    According to the latest polls, the Conservative Party will continue to have the chance of parliamentary elections next week, but its support for the Workers Party has declined significantly in recent weeks.
    The largest British public opinion poll, YouGov’s latest survey, was only a five-point conservative advantage, although the same company, after announcing last month’s parliamentary elections, did not yet have a 19 percentage point advantage over the Conservative Party.
    In the perceptible diminishing of the popularity of conservatives, the party’s electoral program was also part of which included the tightening of state social care for the elderly.

Source: MTI / Picture: Theresa May /

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