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Theresa May’s unexpected and humiliating defeat by the British press European Union United Kingdom 

Theresa May’s unexpected and humiliating defeat by the British press

According to British press reports Friday, Prime Minister Theresa May was forced to return unexpectedly and humiliatingly from the last informal EU summit in Salzburg.

At the press conference after the meeting, Donald Tusk, chairman of the European Council of Heads of State and Government, called some critically important elements of the British package of proposals for the linkage between the British unification of the European Union (Brexit), above all on trade regulation, ineffective.
According to the conservative British newspaper The Times, Theresa May may be faced with another rebellion in his own conservative homeland behind the humiliation suffered at the Salzburg summit by other EU leaders.
The British government’s proposed package of proposals in the summer is suggesting a much closer relationship with the EU than the hard-core tory Brexit camp wanted to see. One of the cruxest elements of the British motion is that London proposes to establish a common free trade area and to propose common rules for the EU to regulate the circulation of physical goods, in a way that Britain and the European Union create a “combined customs”.
According to The Times, Donald Tusk also stamped British government officials with an “outburst” unexpectedly unsuccessful and slammed this package of proposals, causing a crisis within the British government, several prominent members considering trying to get May to drop the “chequersi package.”
The package of proposals was adopted in July in a country cabinet of the British heads of state in Checkers at an outboard cabinet.
Boris Johnson resigned from his position as Foreign Minister, with the opinion of the Conservative Party’s hard-core Brexit camp, Boris Johnson, with the view that, with the chequersi package, the UK was “heading for colonial status.”
Shortly afterwards, David Davis was the post of the Brexit Affairs Minister.
The Times quotes a member of the EU Parliamentarian, who says that the question now is that Theresa May “can not live up to anything” in Salzburg. According to the representative, the Salzburg summit strengthened the Brexit camp and questioned the leadership of the head of government, creating a situation that had not existed 48 hours before.
The newspaper said Theresa May would have been in great need of good news, but instead, humiliated, she returned home from Salzburg, following a series of mistakes in misinterpretation of the EU mood.
The Friday Finance Scoreboard of the Financial Times in London also highlighted Donald Tusk’s unexpected ultimatum with the British government, suggesting that if London does not take decisive steps in controlling the Irish-Northern border border within a few weeks, the most ardent debate in the Brexit negotiations – then the negotiation process is down.
According to the paper, the EU has so far been in favor of only moderating criticisms of the Chequersi package, it does not want to aggravate the domestic problems of Theresa May. But the EU leadership has now decided that the ambiguous speech has expired and will no longer ease the pressure on London, even if it indirectly strengthens Boris Johnson’s Brexit camp – says Financial Times.

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