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Several paintings were destroyed by a restorer Interesting Facts 

Several paintings were destroyed by a restorer

A court in Munich has been obliged to pay a 26,000 euro damages to a restaurateur who, with his fuss work, destroyed four paintings in a gallery in Munich, including a picture of Carl Spitzweg, one of the most significant painters of the Biedermeier era.

Gallery owner Andreas Baumgartl has given four paintings to the restorer in 2009 with the mandate to clean the pictures, remove the old faded protective layer and bring new ones to make the colors more vibrant. However, according to the customer, the restorer did a poor job, too much or too much solvent was used to make the colors even more faded and details disappeared.

According to court proceedings, the best value for the picture, Carl Spitzweg (1808-1885), is estimated at EUR 20-25 thousand for the scribe, worth EUR 5500. In the lawsuit for many years, the gallery owner has reimbursed the fee, asking for the damage and reimbursement of the cost of expert advice.

You can not appeal against a judgment on Wednesday.

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