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Can millions of iPhones be sold this year? Tech 

Can millions of iPhones be sold this year?

According to Barclays, the cheap battery replacement will leave many people behind their old phone.

Apple’s Battery Charger has begun to shut down after the company announced that it would be willing to replace the battery of all iPhone 6 and new smartphones for $ 29 this year. As a result, the affected devices will operate again at or near maximum performance in the next two years after battery replacement.

According to analyst Barclays, it will have a huge price for the deal, and this year it will be able to drop back on iPhone sales this year. According to data from Mark Moskowitz, nearly 77 percent of current iPhone owners can use the cheap battery replacement of 519 million. If 10 percent of the people are using battery replacement and 30 percent of them choose not to buy a new iPhone instead of doing well in terms of running time and performance,

it could reduce the number of iPhones sold this year by 16 million.

It is worth mentioning that the analyst tried to work with rational proportions, but his calculations are still extremely speculative. We are looking forward to what Apple will be able to sell in the coming quarters, as if it has a realistic basis for analytical fears, it will be clearly apparent from Apple’s reports.

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