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You can swallow more than a hundred micrometers of grain on each main meal        Interesting Facts Gastronomy 

You can swallow more than a hundred micrometers of grain on each main meal     

Even more than a hundred micrometal particles can be swallowed on every single main meal, “said researchers at the University of Scotland’s Heriot-Watt University.

According to experts, plastic particles, which come from furniture fabrics and synthetic fabrics, are mixed with home-made powder, and can be read by PhysOrg
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The researchers placed Petri dishes containing dust-absorbing strips on the table-tops next to the main meals in three households. During a twenty-minute meal, up to 14 plastic particles were collected in the Petri dishes, which means that about 114 plastic particles of the average plateau fall down in that time.
Researchers at Heriot-Watt University have come to the conclusion that an average person can swallow up to 68,415 potentially dangerous plastic particles each year at mainstream meals alone.
The researchers compared the quantity of micrometric particles in the mussels and the home-made foods interestingly.
Their results show less than two micrometers of grains per molleton, which consumes about 1 100 micrograms each year, and 13 731-68 415 micrometers of grain particles can be taken into the body of an average person by the home dust that falls on food.
According to the authors of the study, plastic particles found in home-made foods were not cooked by food or cooking, but by domestic dust.
“Microwaves in household dust or inhaled air, among other things, can come from tires, carpets, furniture fabrics, but also garments, such as wool coats,” said Julian Kirby, associate of Friends of the Earth.
He added: “The government should immediately draw up an action plan to eliminate plastic pollution and launch research to determine the potential impact of plastic particles in the environment on human health.”

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