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Turkish tab: Erdogan and the president of the allied nationalist party agreed to lift the state of emergency Big World 

Turkish tab: Erdogan and the president of the allied nationalist party agreed to lift the state of emergency

Tamás Szerémy, MTI correspondent means:
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish President and Vice-President of the National Movement Party (MHP), Devlet Bahceli, who was re-elected on Sunday’s presidential and parliamentary elections, said on Thursday the Turkish daily newspaper Sabah.

Erdogan received Bahcelit for the first time in the headquarters of the Head of State after the elections. The meeting was not public.
Sabah learned that the main agenda items of the conversation were the first possible actions of the newly emerging executive executive system.
Erdogan has already raised the state of emergency in the election campaign several times, but indicated that he could later restore it. Deciding on this new system will fall within his competence.
In Turkey, the state of emergency was announced for the first time in three days, five days after the July 15, 2016 coup attempt, but has been extended for a further three months each time. The main cause was the fight against terrorist organizations, including the Gülenist network directly responsible for the coup attempt and the more effective action against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which had been armed in south-eastern Turkey since 1984. The state of emergency is in effect until July 19th.
Ankara is responsible for the international movement of Fethullah Gülen, a Muslim speaker in America, for the 2016 power takeover incident. According to the official view, members of the network declared terrorist organizations have been deliberately leaked over the years to the public and private sectors. Gülen denies that it had anything to do with what happened.
Last weekend’s presidential election on the basis of non-final results, Erdogan won 52.59 percent.
At the parliamentary elections, Erdogan’s party, the ruling AKP, lost its absolute absolute majority in the legislature, but AKP and MHP, the League of Nations allied with 53.66 percent of the vote. AKP and MHP thus have 344 mandates from 600 in the unicameral parliament. Within this, the AKP earned 42.56 percent (295 seats in Parliament) and MHP 11.1 percent (49 seats). Thus, MHP has a key role in legislation in each decision.
The Turkish Constitution stipulates that in the event of extensive acts of violence, disruption of the democratic order or disruption of public order, an emergency may be ordered under which a ban on vehicle traffic may be introduced, bargaining and demonstration bans, security forces can search and retrieve vehicles and property, as well as control of land, air and waterways. The authorities may also restrict or prohibit press organs at the time of the action.
In Turkey, over the past two years, some 111,000 state employees have been suspended, while another 38,000 have been suspended from their job, more than 159,000 detained, and 48,000 in pre-trial detention with the suspicion that they may be linked to the Gülen movement for the conspiracy.

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