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Turkey asks Washington and Moscow to “take prudence” in their Syrian dispute Big World United States Of America 

Turkey asks Washington and Moscow to “take prudence” in their Syrian dispute

US-led international coalition positively handles chemical weapons use, but Turkey asks Washington and Moscow to “act cautiously” in Syria during the US-Russian debate over alleged chemical attack on Doha, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters in Ankara following the Friday Muslim prayer.

Erdogan called “the painful” chemical attack allegedly suffered on Saturday by the Ghanaian Duma city, the last fortification of Syrian rebels. The incident was reported to have killed more than a dozen civilians.

Erdogan said on Friday that he was talking about the possibility of developing Syrian peace in the days by telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian President Vladimir Putin. He told the US president that the US-led international coalition positively handled the issue of chemical weapons use. At the same time, both Trump and Putin announced that the Syrian situation is “not good”. According to Erdogan, the situation in Syria can be solved peacefully by relieving tension.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim also said to journalists after the Friday prayer. The prime minister warned that the parties should not complicate the conflict, especially since Turkey, Russia and Iran are making joint efforts to establish a political settlement in the Syrian situation.

Syrian leadership denied that government forces had executed any chemical attack on the rebels, and Damascus’s ally, Moscow, also called these rumors untruthful.

US President Donald Trump recently announced that he is considering military action against Syria in the wake of a chemical attack. Russia has made “serious responses” to this case.

Source: MTI Photo: News

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