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Turkey has tied its largest defense export business to date Big World 

Turkey has tied its largest defense export business to date

Turkey has signed a treaty with Pakistan on the sale of 30 TAKU ATAK military helicopters, with which Ankara has been the biggest defense export industry ever, “Turkish media reported on Friday.

According to a statement from the Defense Industrial Directorate of the Turkish Presidency, negotiations between the Turkish Air and Space Association (TUSAS) and the Pakistan Ministry of Defense have come to an end.
The contract of sale also includes logistical elements as well as parts related to helicopter training, ammunition and spare parts.
Nevertheless, one Turkish media does not state how much Pakistan has paid for the deal in Turkey.
The T129 ATAK is an offensive or tactical reconnaissance helicopter. Designed for challenging climates and geographic conditions. Both in design and manufacture are a common Turkish-Italian product. The first piece was launched in September 2009 for a test trip. Used by the Turkish military and the Interior Ministry. Its maximum speed is 278 km / h and its maximum flight height is 6100 m.
The Pakistani army has tested the helicopter several times in Turkey and Pakistan.

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