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The European Parliament adopted a resolution that mirrors Turkey      European Union Big World 

The European Parliament adopted a resolution that mirrors Turkey   

In Turkey, authorities are using as a pretext an attempt to crack down on the opposition and to limit the independence of the press and civil society a year and a half ago, according to a European Parliament (EP) resolution adopted on Thursday.

At a plenary session in Strasbourg, the MPs repeatedly condemned the attempt to take over the war, pointing out that Ankara’s right and duty to bring the defendants to justice would not be a pretext for overspending.
The EP expressed its grave concern over the continuing deterioration of the rule of law in Turkey, the deterioration of the independence of the judiciary and the urgent release of those who were detained for legitimate work and the right to freedom of expression and association.
MEPs acknowledged that terrorists continue to pose a direct threat to Turkey, but stressed that “legislation based on broad definition of counter-terrorism should not be used to limit the freedom of expression”. In this connection, they condemned the recent arrests of journalists, activists, doctors and others who criticized the Turkish military intervention in Syria.
As noted, violence against civil society organizations is a source of serious concern, and since the introduction of the state of emergency, more than 160 press organs have been closed by regulation.
According to the panel, the situation in south-eastern Turkey is problematic, especially where there is a ban on banishment, disproportionately large forces and a collective punishment. It was underlined by the growing concern about discrimination against Christians and other religious minorities.
In the text, they asked Ankara to lift the state of emergency and provide everyone with appropriate remedies and judicial review.
Last year, the European Parliament called for suspension of Turkey’s EU accession negotiations due to the repressive measures imposed after the coup attempt.
Following the attempt to take over in Turkey, comprehensive cleansing began in the armed forces and the police, in the judiciary and in the administration. At least 40,000 people were imprisoned, 130,000 were dismissed or suspended.

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