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Further consolidation in European air traffic is expected by easyJet        Brexit 

Further consolidation in European air traffic is expected by easyJet     

Corporate consolidation continues in air passenger traffic, according to British CEO of easyJet.

“The economy was working well, the oil price was low, Air Berlin, Alitalia and Monarch were still down,” Johan Lundgren, general manager of easyJet, told the Swiss SonntagsZeitung newspaper. “The weak will only be weaker in the good environment, only the strong ones can grow, imagine what’s going to be in a crisis, but we will also be here to take advantage of the opportunities offered,” he added.
In response to a question about their interest in buying Alitalia, the first man in easyJet said: “We are negotiating with the Italian government.” It is not a secret that we are interested in taking short-term relationships, but I can not say more. ” Regarding the civil aviation implications of Brexit, the CEO of easyJet told the Swiss newspaper: “I have spoken with a number of EU and British politics, and regardless of their opinion on Brexit, each of them is convinced that a favorable aviation agreement will be set up between the EU and Britain No traffic jams or cancellations will be made. ”
Certainly, easyJet applied for an EU license in Austria, from which it will operate about 130 aircraft in one year, he said.

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