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He does not even want to see women in the ranks of the world’s oldest tech club United Kingdom 

He does not even want to see women in the ranks of the world’s oldest tech club

 He still does not want to see women in the ranks of the world’s oldest casting club, the Chesterfield Bowling Club in England, whose history is researched by sources until 1294, some even older, until the 12th century.

    One of the former members of the Derbyshire association informed the British press. The man who asked to silence his name said that he had left the club for this “chauvinistic attitude”. But the patron club’s money is running out of thin air and its membership is aging, but it can secure its future by joining women, he added. He made a suggestion for it, but he was down. “They say that they have always been men in this club, women have no place,” he said in Derbyshire Times.
    The membership currently accounts for approximately 50 people.
    Recently, the issue was put to a vote at one of their meetings, but two thirds of the players rejected the recruitment of women. For a very good amount of money, the club rents from downtown Chesterfield to the downtown lawn on which they play, which means that taxpayers support an organization whose membership policy is openly discriminatory.
    One of the representatives of the Mage Club emphasized that traditionally only men were in the ranks. “The question of women’s membership has recently been discussed and the players considered the current situation to be appropriate,” he said. He also denied financial news, as well as being anti-feminine.
    The club has indicated that, despite the result of the vote, it does not exclude the fact that women will be taken in the future, they have not yet made a point at the end of the case, they return to it.
    The source of the press also agreed that the association was not sexist, it was simply a bastard. “Some are very old-fashioned, 20-30-40 years old, do not want any change. Some have been scared to death if women can join,” BBC said.
    He also noted that for 66 years he was a relative, most of them were the seventies and eighties, but there are some who trample their nineties. He is, moreover, now in a society that is fond of herding herds with women. “They beat me every time, but I do not mind,” he said.


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