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Three Palestinian assassinations shot in Jerusalem, the attackers were shot Big World 

Three Palestinian assassinations shot in Jerusalem, the attackers were shot

Three Palestinian gunmen shot dead on Friday by two Israeli policemen in the Old Town of Jerusalem, near the Lion Gate, security forces shot down the attackers, said Ynet, the Jediot newspaper Ahronót. The two policemen died injured in the hospital.

The assassins came from the Temple of Mosques, which hosted the al-Aksa and the Rocky Mosque, from the Temple Mount in Israel. At the Gate of the Old City, the police were targeted and then returned to the mosques, but the security forces pursued and shot them. The police were taken to a hospital where they later died of injuries. Two of the gunmen in Israeli Arab Umm al-Fahhem city had pistol pistols and pistols at their third companion. The police blocked the Temple Mount and announced that it is not possible to keep the Muslims’ most important Friday prayer in the Mosques, where thousands of people gather each other every week. For the time being, no organization has committed itself to the assassination itself. There are often bombings or assassination attempts at the Old Town of Jerusalem. Last month, Palestinian gunmen at the Damascus Gate in the Old City were killed by a 23-year-old female guard. Since the fall of 2015, since the beginning of the latest wave of violence, several late, gasping and armed attacks have been attempted by Palestinians, and in these attacks 43 Israelis and two American tourists and one British citizen were killed. Israeli security has killed 283 Palestinians, most of whom have been identified as attackers. According to Israel, the new wave of violence has been blown out of Palestinian politics. Palestinians, however, believe that the frustration caused by decades of Israeli occupation will lead to further attacks.

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