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Trump: Israeli settlement policy “complicates” the hope of the peace process United States Of America 

Trump: Israeli settlement policy “complicates” the hope of the peace process

 Israeli settlement policy “complicates” the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, and Israel must be “precautioned,” the US president said in a Sunday interview.

    According to Donald Trump, the Palestinian Authority is sure, and Israel probably does not want peace talks. The American president spoke of an Israeli Conservative newspaper entitled Yiszrael Hajom (Israel Ma), which was widely quoted in the US press.
    “I think both sides have to make very serious concessions for peace,” he said. He explained that controversial Israeli settlement policy – an Israeli colony of occupied Palestinian territories – played a part in the turmoil of the peace process. “We are going to talk about the colonies. The affairs of the colonies are extremely complicated and have made the peace process complicated, so I think Israel must be very careful about the colonies,” Trump said.
    More than 600,000 Jewish colonists live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, occupied in the 1967 war, in approximately 140 smaller and larger settlements since 1967. The establishment of colonies is considered illegal by international law, but Israel disputes this. The question of whether the US government is launching its peace plan, Trump replied, “We will see what’s happening, Palestinians do not want peace today, they simply do not want to.” As for Israel, I’m not sure either, that they would have an interest in peace, so we have to wait for what is happening. ”
    Trump announced in January that some half of US aid to Palestinians, $ 65 million, will be held back until the leaders of the Palestinian Authority sit in a negotiating table with leaders of the Israeli government.
    In his interview to the Israeli newspaper, Donald Trump’s first presidential year was one of the most important decisions of Jerusalem’s recognition as the capital of Israel. In December, Palestinians and the international community were both outraged by the decision announced in December, as Palestinians consider East Jerusalem as the capital of the future independent Palestinian state.

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