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Trump-Kim Summit – US President says “strong”, “good-humored” and “smart” man in North Korea’s leadership Big World 

Trump-Kim Summit – US President says “strong”, “good-humored” and “smart” man in North Korea’s leadership

US President Donald Trump praised Kim Jong Un in North Korea on Tuesday evening as a “strong”, “good-humored” and “smart” man.

The interview was made by one star of television, Sean Hannity in Singapore, but was broadcast on Tuesday night. Donald Trump rated the North Korean leader as “a great negotiator” and was convinced that his former rhetoric addressed to Kim Jong Un led to the summit.
“It’s a very good personality, fun and very, very smart,” he told Trump Kim. He also stressed that the North Korean leader is a “strategically minded guy”. He added, “We came out very well at the beginning of the summit.”
When the reporter reminded the president of recalling movie footage that he had named Kim Dzsong Un a few months ago as a “rocky little man,” Trump replied, with this deliberately hard-wearing style for the summit. “I really believe that,” he said.
The president reiterated in the interview that, as long as “good-faith talks are going on” with Phenom, Washington suspends the Joint Doctrine with the Word. But he also reiterated that North Korea should become a nuclear weapon and, as he said, Kim Jong Un “fully understood and did not fight it.”
Trump has confirmed that the US government is aiming for the full nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula as a whole. In response to Sean Hannity’s question, he also confirmed that Kim Jong Un “will come to the White House at the right time”.

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