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An anonymous article from an alleged employee of the Trump Government was announced by The New York Times United States Of America 

An anonymous article from an alleged employee of the Trump Government was announced by The New York Times

The newspaper The New York Times reported on an article by an author of anonymous author of the Trump Government on Wednesday. President Donald Trump described it as “pipogy leader”.

The author of the article, “I’m part of the Trump Governance Resistance,” emphasized that he was working for the president, but he and his thinker colleagues vowed to frustrate Trump’s “ideas and worst inclinations”.
However, the author of the first issue, the author of the first issue, said: “We want the government to be successful and we believe that many elements of this policy have made America more secure and prosperous.” He added, however, that “the behavior of the president in the health of our republic”. He also stressed that the “resistance” he represents with his colleagues is not the “resistance” of the American left.
The author puts the 45th President of the United States into a man without any moral value, but he did not substantiate it. He believed that Donald Trump was not attracted to traditional conservative values such as free market or free thinking. He has long spoken about the White House’s foreign policy, believing the chair likes autocrats and dictators, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un North Korean leader.
As you wrote, “they were whispering in the cabinet earlier about turning to supplement 25 of the constitution”. This constitutional amendment allows the vice-president to take over power if the current US president, such as the army chief commander, is unable to carry out the duties of his office. “But no one wanted to speed up a constitutional crisis, so we can do everything we can to keep the government in the right direction as long as it’s done,” said the alleged government employee.
The New York Times stated in the introductory article that it was “a rare step” by publishing an anonymous writing on the opinion page, but the author explicitly requested it.
The rumor of the alleged government employee appeared one day after releasing Bob Woodward, chief of staff at The Washington Post, Fear: Donald Trump in the White House, in which the journalist writer – also quoted by the alleged members of the government – is rather negative picture of the White House and Donald Trumpr.
The President responded to a White House event in The New York Times. “Pipogya’s lead article”, and The New York Timest was a failing page, and then listed some of his previous achievements.
In one of his Twitter messages, he wrote that “if this pipogy, anonymous person really exists, Times must immediately give him the government for national security reasons.”
Trump discussed the Woodward book with journalists in the Oval Office after his meeting with the Kuwait ruler on Wednesday afternoon and reiterated his position in a Tuesday evening interview that the book was a mere “fiction”.
Analysts point out that both Woodward’s book and the alleged government employee’s article appeared in the campaign term of the mid-term elections in early November. In November, in the United States, the Federal House of Representatives and the nearly one third of the senate will be re-elected, and will be elected governors in several Member States.

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