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Trump: we have been holding “ultra-high level” direct talks with North Korea United States Of America 

Trump: we have been holding “ultra-high level” direct talks with North Korea

There are already “very high level” direct negotiations with North Korea on the forthcoming North American Summit, US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday at the Mar-a-Lago villa in Florida where he welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Abe Sindzo.

The chairman said that he is currently studying five locations where a summit to his history will take place, which he believes will have the potential to solve a “world-wide problem”.

“We are discussing Kim Dzsong Unnal in a very short time, probably in early June, or if things are going to go well,” Trump said. Although he added, it is even possible that there will be no summit. However, she avoided answering the question when the reporters had asked whether Kim Jong Unnal had spoken personally.

“They respect us, and we respect them,” said Trump, North Korea. He also stressed that he also supported the negotiations between the two Koreas, as he said, “gave his blessing to Seoul and Phenjan’s talks to” discuss the end of the war. ”

Abe Sindzo praised Donald Trump in the brief press conference ahead of the negotiations because he believes the US president is “brave to meet with Kim Jong Un,” and also expressed hope that the summit will bring sensible results.

The Japanese Prime Minister said that the two-day talks with Donald Trump would discuss the full and verifiable nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula.

The US-Japan summit officially began on Tuesday afternoon in Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s florid complex in Florida. Negotiations will be on Wednesday: the two politicians will discuss North Korea’s security and trade issues. Larry Kudlow, Economic Advisor to the White House, said on Tuesday that Washington could exempt Tokyo from steel and aluminum protective patrols.

Abe Sindzo, who is the second guest in Mar-a-Lago, travels back to Tokyo on Thursday morning.

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