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Trump announces the US Presidential Choice for 2020        Other United States Of America 

Trump announces the US Presidential Choice for 2020    

The Steel and Aluminum Industry Security Marks Regulation was praised and announced a new password for the US presidential election in Washington on Saturday night at Donald Trump at a meeting in Pensilvania.

The US president said in Pittsburgh, Penn Town, Moon Township, “In 2020, it will be our password to keep America great and exclamation mark,” he said, drawing a big exclamation point in the air.
The president was campaigning for one of the Republican nominees, Rick Saccone, for the pre-election pre-election in the autumn, so-called mid-term elections, and he also took the opportunity to praise the steel-and-aluminum defense march on Friday. Referring to the data released on Friday that made 313,000 new jobs in the United States in February, he stated that his economic policy so far has begun to produce the results. He stressed that the defense laws help to boost Pennsylvania’s economy.
“Your steel pair will return, everything will come back,” the president said among the thousands of enthusiastic applause. He also promised to respond to European customs duties against counterfeiting and to protect European import cars.
Trump praised President Ronald Reagan, as he said, was a great American president who liked his style, but remarked that in his commercial policy Reagan was not perfect either.
He devoted a few words to Kim Jong Un’s North Korean leader summit. “Who knows what will happen?” He said, “It may be coming up quickly from the table, but it may happen that we have the best deal for the world.” He stressed that Chinese President Hin Csin-ping “really helped a lot”.
Again, he criticized the press, then commented on one of the Democratic Party politician Maxine Waters, who criticized him with a constitutional process and wanted to move him out, said that he had a “low intelligence quotient.”
He reiterated that they built the promised wall at the US-Mexican border and “did not say anyway” about paying the price to Mexico. He said he had refused the position of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto that Mexico was not willing to pay the border wall. Trump’s widow and counselor, Jared Kushner, discussed Pena Nieto this week in Mexico to try to soften the country’s leaders.
In his speech, Donald Trump praised the countries where drug traffickers are subject to death sentences or life imprisonment. He argued that similar penalties should be considered in the United States.

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