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Trump’s lawyer sued the compilers of the “Russian dossier” and published the paper United States Of America 

Trump’s lawyer sued the compilers of the “Russian dossier” and published the paper

Michael Cohen, lawyer of the US president, filed a lawsuit against Fusion GPS, which filed unprovoked accusations of Donald Trum and the website called BuzzFeed, which reported these allegations.

In his search, the lawyer requests $ 100 million in damages from Fusion GPS, but did not specify the amount of damages to be enforced at BuzzFeed, which will be determined at court hearing.

“What’s so many, enough, was enough from a fake Russian dossier,” the lawyer wrote in his Twitter post after filing a lawsuit on a federal court on Tuesday.

Fusion GPS, investigative, research and strategic consultant, was the company that commissioned British intelligence agent Christopher Steele to compile a dossier about Trump’s alleged Russian connections in the election campaign.

The work was funded by some Republican donors who opposed Trump’s presidential election, but were then “taken over” by the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign team. The allegations made in the dossier, but not yet proved, have since been put into cross-examination of congressional investigations. Investigations seek to find out whether Donald Trump’s electoral campaign staff collided with Russian officials and whether Russia intervened in the 2016 US presidential election.

The report of the co-founder of Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson at the Senate last summer, was announced on Tuesday by the Senate Judiciary Committee. According to the report, Simpson told Congressional senior politicians that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found credible claims in the dossier because they came from sources not yet named but close to Trumph.

BuzzFeed published some of the dossier in January 2017, announcing that the allegations were not verified and could contain errors.

Donald Trump urged Republicans to – as he said – “finally take control” in investigations on the alleged role of Russia. In the post, the president again claimed that the biggest witchcraft in American history will continue. “Then he added:” There was no collusion, which everyone knows including the Democrats, but everything continues. Russia and the world laugh at the silence she witnesses. ”
Chuck Grassley, the Republican president of the Senate Judiciary, responded: “I do not know what the president is doing, it is better not to comment until I discuss the president.”

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