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Tusk in Dublin: Irish position on the border issue is also the position of the EU        Brexit 

Tusk in Dublin: Irish position on the border issue is also the position of the EU     

The official Irish position, which rejects the reintroduction of border control between Ireland and Northern Ireland, is also the position of the European Union, the EU fully supports Ireland on this issue, said the President of the European Council in Dublin on Friday.

Donald Tusk, who speaks with Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, said at a joint press conference after the meeting: The border between Ireland and Northern Ireland – where there is currently no control over customs and passports – is no longer a division but a symbol of cooperation and should not be allowed, that the termination of Brex, that is, the expiration of the British EU membership, destroys this achievement of Northern Ireland’s reconciliation.
Brexit was initiated by the United Kingdom, and now it is up to London to take the credible commitment to take the necessary measures to avoid restoring physical border controls – added the chairman of the Council of Heads of State or Government.
Donald Tusk said in a Friday hearing with Varadkar he promised that before giving guidance to EU leaders on the future relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom, he would consult with the Irish Prime Minister on whether the UK proposal to be submitted to avoid the physical restraint would be considered sufficient by Dublin.
If the London proposal is found to be unacceptable by Ireland, the British proposal will also be unacceptable to the EU, the President of the European Council said in Friday’s Friday press conference in Dublin.
“I know that some British politicians may find it difficult to understand, but that is the logic of the fact that Ireland remains a member of the EU while the United Kingdom is about to leave the Union and, in a sense, the UK’s future is also dependent on Dublin” said Donald Tusk.
Leo Varadkar said at the press conference: 27 countries in the European Union can not declare that enough progress has been made in the Brexit negotiations to begin the next stage if there is no firm and acceptable commitment from London on the border issue.
The Irish Prime Minister added that the British government must have credible and workable solutions to open the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.
The European Union’s mid-December summit should decide whether a series of negotiations on the process of extinction of the British EU membership could go beyond the current first phase of the exit conditionality to the second phase, the main point of which will be the establishment of a future relationship between the United Kingdom and the EU.
Dublin has a serious say in this decision as one of the conditions for moving forward is to make substantive progress towards the EU summit in controlling the nearly 500 kilometers of land borders between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
In a study by the Brexit committee of the British Parliament’s House of Commons, which was recently announced on Friday, the British government has emphasized that since the British government wants to move out of the EU’s single internal market and customs union, “it is not clear at this point,” how to avoid physical border control, Ireland will be the frontier between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

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