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Tusk: Inevitably, disturbances will arise in EU-UK trade       Brexit 

Tusk: Inevitably, disturbances will arise in EU-UK trade    

There will be an inevitable disruption in trade between the European Union and the United Kingdom if the island really leaves the internal market and the customs union, said Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, on Wednesday drafting a draft EU negotiating directives for the future system.

The document, which is still to be adopted by the remaining Member States, stated that the twenty-six would like to establish the closest possible relationship with the United Kingdom in the future. At the same time – as noted – the British Government’s position, which “limits the depth of future relationships” should be taken into account.
Tusk stressed that after British exile there is a close co-operation in the fight against terrorism and international crime, foreign and security policy, research, innovation, education and culture. In addition, it is important to avoid disturbances in aviation, so it is important to start negotiating as soon as possible, he said.
“Knowing London’s position, no one can be surprised that the only remaining possible model is a free trade agreement,” he adds, hopes that an ambitious agreement will arise, but that will only be a commercial contract.
In the EU draft, it is proposed that the contract should cover a full range of goods with a zero rate of duty and, to a certain extent, the level of services.
In his press conference, Tusk pointed out: “It will be the first free trade agreement in history that will slow down rather than strengthen economic ties.” As you said, it will be more complicated and expensive for each of the parties than it is today.
Finally, the chairman of the Council emphasized that the rights and obligations contained in the future agreement must in any case be in balance. It is not possible to provide a level of access to the internal market as in the case of Norway, if the United Kingdom merely undertakes obligations such as Canada, “he said. Moreover, it is also excluded that the island accepts only certain, advantageous elements of the internal market – he added.

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