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A new tax cut out of 500 large companies Booking United States Of America 

A new tax cut out of 500 large companies

Seattle’s prime employer, Amazon is also not happy about the new tax that has been voted on by the city council. The Council unanimously approves a tax revenue of $ 47 million a year for Seattle to pay for affordable housing and homelessness.

According to the companies, this decision cancels workplaces.

We are very concerned about the adversarial approach of the council to larger companies. This forces us to question our growth here, “said Drew Herdener, vice president of the Amazon after the vote.

The tax applies to large companies that sell at least $ 2 million a year. The amount received comes to a housing subsidy program and will be segregated to help the homeless.

The average price of urban dwellings increased to $ 820,000, and tenants spend forty percent of their rent for rent – which means that one third of their income is spent on their housing. In addition, Seattle is the third most homeless city in the United States.


The new tax affects about five hundred businesses, such as the Nordstorm store chain or Starbucks, and will affect California-based Apple, Google and Facebook, as these tech companies employ a lot of work in the city.

At the same time, the Seattle Chamber of Commerce said that “taxing jobs does not solve the problem of housing and homelessness in our regions”.

According to Amazon, measures can lead to dropouts and the loss of 7,000 jobs. However, the company added that, unlike previous news, it did not stop building a new office building planned for the city center.

Denver has similar taxes, but Chicago has already repealed similar measures.

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