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A new campaign organization has been formed for a referendum on the Brexit agreement Brexit 

A new campaign organization has been formed for a referendum on the Brexit agreement

A new campaign organization was formed in London on Sunday with the participation of actors, well-known public figures, politicians and business leaders to make a referendum on the conditions for extinction of the British EU membership.

At the congressional meeting of People’s Vote on Sunday evening, at least 1200 delegates attended at least 1,200 delegates, including both major parliamentary powers, the ruling Conservative Party and several Lower House Representatives of the Opposition Labor Party.

The actor Sir Patrick Stewart, the world’s leading actor of the Star Trek series, appeared on The Independent, a British newspaper published on Sunday, in a timely article in the campaign group, which he wrote: He was born in 1940 and the Great War – She grew up in Britain. Therefore, the happiest day of his life was January 1, 1973, when Britain joined the then European Economic Community, because it was the first time that the brutality of the two world wars could never be repeated.

According to Sir Patrick, since a referendum on British membership in the EU in June 2016, with a narrow majority of 51.9 per cent majority, including a conservative British government, there has been a concerted effort to silence the debate on Brexit, “they say the Brexit process is irreversible, and no one has to worry about cost, quitting complicated behavior, broken promises. ”

“To say that this is not the case, the future of our country is a stake, and we will not be sitting idle. If we leave the EU, Brexit will transform the country’s future for decades, and that is why we want the people to decide on the final exit agreement “, says Sir Patrick Stewart’s Sunday Programming Paper.

At a summit meeting on Sunday evening, he and many other participants also stressed that they would not seek a new referendum on British membership of the EU, but the conditions for expulsion of the British EU membership.

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced on March 29 that he activated Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, which regulates the exit process. According to the article, unless the exit agreement sets out an earlier date, but does not count as realistic in either London or Brussels, the EU membership of the United Kingdom will no longer exist at midnight on March 29, 2019, two years after the activation announcement, even if there is no agreement on the conditions of departure.

According to recent surveys, however, there is a slight shift in the benefit of those who perceive the outcome of the 2016 referendum on EU membership.

The UK’s largest public opinion researcher, YouGov’s latest comprehensive study has shown that 45 percent of British voters currently consider the wrong decision to leave the EU, 42 percent approve.

The experts of YouGov have stressed that, since last year, a breach of the Brexitet error camp has been growing at a slight pace,

However, the current conservative British government is rigidly rejecting any new referendum. Officially, the current leadership of the Workers’ Party does not support initiatives to do so, even though former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s party is also campaigning for the election of the electorate to vote on the terms of termination of British membership.

Mr Blair’s support for his direct office predecessor, Sir John Major, was also a conservative party leader.

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