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Another T. rex fossils found in Montana in the ancient reptile priate place Interesting Facts 

Another T. rex fossils found in Montana in the ancient reptile priate place

American paleontologists discovered fossils another Tyrannosaurus Rex in Montana Hell Creek Formation ancient reptile-site. The find it interesting that left a very good condition, complete skulls have been identified volunteers to help professionals in the Burke Museum of Natural History and the University of Washington.

    The zsarnokgyík the Tufts-fossil-finder Love Rex was named after two volunteers paleontologist who first discovered the hillside protruding bones.
    In Montana, North and South Dakota, and Wyoming border comes from deposits in the last period of the Cretaceous. The 91-meter-thick Hell Creek Formation are full of fossils, which represent the final chapter in the history of the dinosaurs, and from about 68 million to 65 million years ago, time intervals.
    Countless canyons and gullies ripping the area along which the wind and the rain especially with new artifacts to the surface.
    The researchers, who are this year’s excavations under the ancient reptile fossilized skeleton dug up about one-fifth, including the ribs, spine and pelvic bones, next year will continue the excavations. The findings focus on about 1.2-meter-long skull, which has just dug up the left side. Experts believe that the stone embedded in the right side is just as intact and untouched. The skull highlight planned for October – was told Live Science scientific-educational website.
    Researchers estimate that T. rex lived 66.3 million a year ago, shortly before the time of the extinction of the dinosaurs. The size of the skull conclude that it was 15 years when he died, that is typical T. rex lived a life half.
    Paleontologists do not often appear zsarnokgyík, fossils and even less often one with a such good condition preserved the skull. The US researchers say this is the world’s 15th revealed an almost complete T. rex skull.

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