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Ukraine is ready to help Britain in the investigation Big World 

Ukraine is ready to help Britain in the investigation

Ukraine is ready to assist Britain in investigating the former Russian agent of the British Foreign Intelligence (MI6), the former military colonel of Russia’s military intelligence, and her daughter’s poisoning, said the Ukrainian Foreign Minister in Kiev on Tuesday.

Pavlo Klimkin told reporters that the British investigating authorities have already established that toxic chemicals have been caused by poisoning in Russia. The Foreign Minister has said there is no doubt that Russia is behind the crime.
“Chemical terrorism”, the deployment of chemical weapons in the world so far has been carried out by Syria, Saddam Hussein’s regime, Iraq, North Korea, Malaysia and Russia – he said. In Malaysia, he recalled the Northern Korean leader’s half-brother in February of a poisoning in Kuala Lumpur airport.
The Foreign Minister stressed that Ukraine is a solidarity with Britain. “If you need help, be it expert or whatever, of course, we are ready,” he said, adding that he had already sent a message to his British counterpart, Boris Johnson, Foreign Minister.
British Prime Minister Theresa May informed the London Chamber of Deputies about the results of the investigation so far, that he could use weapons in a gunfight with a neurite developed in Russia in Salisbury, southwestern England, a homicide attempt last week. The 66-year-old Sergei Scripalt and her 33-year-old daughter are still in critical condition at Salisbury Hospital.
In 2006, the former Russian military intelligence (GRU) officer was guilty of a Moscow court in charges of espionage for the benefit of Britain – recalled the UNIAN Ukrainian news agency. In 2010, in exchange of an exchange, Russia handed him over to the United States. The former intelligence officer was still sheltered in Great Britain and settled there.

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