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Ukraine exits all CIS agreements that are in conflict with its interests Big World 

Ukraine exits all CIS agreements that are in conflict with its interests

Ukraine reviews all agreements that have been concluded within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) following the disintegration of the Soviet Union and exits each one that does not meet its national interests, said Ukrainian President Petro Porosenko in Sunday’s meeting in Kiev on the occasion of the 1937-1938 were held on the day of the victims of Stalin’s “great terror”.

According to the head of state, Ukraine is now reluctantly moving away from the Russian sphere of influence, Moscow’s influence.
He pointed out that Ukraine had seen CIS since its establishment in 1991 as a “civilized” way of breaking the Russian empire. “However, this was not civilized by the fault of Russia, and Moscow has always sought to create a new empire from the community, where everyone adjusts their clock to the Kremlin’s Spaska tower,” said Porosenko.
The chairman announced at the National Security and Security Council (RNBO) on May 2 that Ukraine would end its activities and recall its representatives from the coordinating bodies of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), founded by the Soviet successor states. He stressed that Ukraine did not leave the CIS since it was never officially a member. The Ukrainian Parliament has never ratified the Statute of the 12 Member States of the Independent States, which was formed in December 1991 by the disintegration of the Soviet Union.
Poroshenko also announced that he would ask Parliament to annul the agreements that “have no meaning for Ukraine”.
On the anniversary day, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demanded the release of Ukrainian political prisoners illegally detained in Russia and his arbitrarily occupied Crimea. Marjana Beca, a foreign affairs spokeswoman in his post on Twitter, wrote that according to Kiev, at least 24 Ukrainian citizenship prisoners are imprisoned in prisons in Russia and more than 40 in the Crimea, arbitrarily deployed by Moscow. We repeatedly demand the release of the prisoners from the Russian Federation, he stressed.
The Ukrainian Pravda news portal added that lawmakers make the number of Ukrainians imprisoned for political reasons in Russia and the Crimea between 70 and 75. About 30 Ukrainians are detained in jail in Russia, according to data from May 2018, judgments were made in 17 cases.
This year’s 80th anniversary is a big terror – recalled the UNIAN Ukrainian news agency. On May 20, 1938, a total of 563 prisoners were killed in the NKVD prisons of the Soviet People’s Commissariat of the People’s Party in Kiev on May 20, 1938. According to historians, in the Great Depression of 1937-1938, nearly 199,000 people were sentenced in the territory of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (FSZUH), with about two-thirds being killed by bullets.

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