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A new CEO may be at the head of Volkswagen Business Other 

A new CEO may be at the head of Volkswagen

A new leader may be at Volkswagen’s head, according to German footnotes, the world’s largest carmaker, Herbert Diess will be able to replace Matthias Müller.

It is a surprise to reorganize its top management as the world’s largest carmaker, according to German footnotes, should go to Volkswagen’s chairman, Matthias Müller, and replace it with Volkswagen brand leader Herbert Diess.

Volkswagen has officially announced its transformation of the corporate governance structure, which obviously involves personnel changes, and added that the position of the chairman of the Supervisory Board may also be affected by the changes. Matthias Müller, the current head of the group, said she was ready to work together to help her change the company. Handelsblatt knows that in the opinion of the big shareholders, the post-diesel period has been closed by the group, and now it is a new era, and new managers need it. This is why Müller agrees, so he goes out of his way. And who are the big shareholders who have chosen Müller’s fate? More than half of the voting shares are held by Porsche Automobil Holding, run by the Porsche and the Piech family, Lower Saxony has one fifth of the votes.

Volkswagen’s Supervisory Board may decide on a new leader on Friday, who, according to the vote, could be Herbert Diess who worked for BMW until 2015, after the Volkswagen diesel accident.

The news is delighted by investors, Volkswagen’s price climbed by nearly 5 percent.

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