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Of the V4s, Hungary is best placed to use EU funds       European Union World 

Of the V4s, Hungary is best placed to use EU funds    

Hungary is best placed to use EU funds from the Visegrád countries, said Erik Bánki, chair of the Economic Committee of the Parliament, on Monday’s program of the current channel M1.

The Fidesz politician pointed out that in the socialist era, three to four years had elapsed between the submission of the application and the conclusion of the contract, which practically denied the entrepreneurs.
Erik Bánki emphasized that the current government has promised that it will create a much simpler, easier to apply, faster and more transparent system for using EU funds. This year, over the entire budget, EU tenders were announced for 106%, for which 136% of funding was received, he added.
On the 4th metro investment, Erik Bánki said: Hungary’s repayment obligation can reach up to 70 billion forints. He emphasized that the “Gyurcsany, Medgyessy, Bajnai” governments and Gábor Demszky, the General Assembly of the Budapest Assembly, made an unfounded investment, in which 166 billion forints were “simply stolen”.
Erik Bánki emphasized that the government should make a lot of effort to ensure that the repayment obligation does not lie with the Hungarian taxpayers, succeed in compromising with Brussels and find out which companies are to which money they are.

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