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Vb-2018 – Dalic: No one wanted me to change it Sports 

Vb-2018 – Dalic: No one wanted me to change it

József Gergelics, MTI Special Coordinator means:
Federal captain Zlatko Dalic characterized the Croatian national football team’s character and mentality that although he played his third extended match at the Russian World Cup, one of his players did not want to replace the English against the 2-1 win in the semi-finals.

“Everyone said he was ready to go and he still has, and some of them have a minor injury, which shows what kind of characters are in the team, what kind of keeping and mental strength this group has,” the 51-year-old trainer reasoned why he was waiting for the fifth until the first exchange.
He added that players gained confidence in the previous games and felt that they were incredibly strong mentally.
“Third in the series we have been ungainly disadvantaged, but we have won all three matches. I’m very proud of the team,” he said.
Dalic explained that it was obviously a disadvantage for a day’s rest less and that they had to play for 30 minutes in all three clashes but added that they could finish the match sooner and then they would not have to spend a couple of times on the pitch.
He underlined that is why it should not be an excuse for the French finals and they will have to play Sunday as if it were their first game on the tournament.
“We have a history, we can not have a stadium where we can pick up our opponents in the National League of the Fall, but we have our hearts and pride,” the expert replied to what a small country like the four million inhabitants . “They give our fans great power, but the whole region is different to us, that’s fine,” he said.
Returning to Wednesday’s semi-finals, he believed that they managed to overcome England because they were better in all segments of the game. In his opinion, the Croatian team had the best match on the World Cup, even better than when he beat Argentina in the group stage 3-0. He noted that he had asked his disciples before extending them to stay calm, lose their minds, enjoy the game by playing soccer semi-final.
“There is no weak point for the French, but we are only starting to talk about them tomorrow,” said Dalic, who recalled that the biggest success of Croatian football in 1998 was the decisive moment for the French to celebrate, rest and just after the French. in the French capital of France.
In the semifinals, Lilian Thuram scored two goals in the semi-finals 2-1, which has never been forgotten by anyone, but we are not concentrating on the referees, to get the best possible preparation. ”
Ivan Perisic, one of the goals and goals for the semi-finals, was a tough match. He swore that they all knew what the bet was and what this success meant to a small country like theirs.
“We started slowly, but we showed that he was holding on to the team and again we came back from a disadvantage. It was important because we got it right when we started to dominate,” said Internazionale midfielder, adding that it’s not important to find out , but to win Croatia.
The finals of the 21st World Cup will be played on Sunday – Hungarian time – at 17:00 at the Luzsnyki Stadium in Moscow, playing the Croatian and French national teams.

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