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Combat in the Italian parliament because of the Italian nationality of immigrant children European Union 

Combat in the Italian parliament because of the Italian nationality of immigrant children

A minister of the Italian government has also been injured in the controversial debate in the Roman senate, which stumbled and fought on Thursday as a protest against the nationality of immigrant children born in Italy.

The Senators of the Northern League Quite the Invasion! The Italians are the first! Labeled boards were raised up, and the row members in the meeting room were kept by the members of the cabinet. The senators wanted to occupy the seats of the members of the cabinet. The protests that started with shouting stumbled and then fought, and the members of the Northern League were repressed by Senate guards.
The head of one of the senators of the League was injured, and Valeria Fedeli’s Minister of Education, who was sitting on one of the chairs of the government, had fallen in the strokes, so the upper house took first aid. Its status does not give cause for concern.
The Senate Party of the Northern League protested against the so-called Ius Soli bill. The draft law voted by the House of Representatives in October 2015 will give Italian citizenship to children born out of immigrant parents in Italy regardless of their parents’ nationality. It is a prerequisite for at least one of the parents to have a long-term residence permit in one of the EU Member States. Italian citizenship is not automatic, parents of children must apply for the child up to the age of 18. If this parent does not do so, the child can apply for it after the age of 20 years.
The draft also applies to immigrant children born in Italy before the law comes into force. They can apply after reaching their age when they lived in Italy until they were 18 years old without interruption.
Matteo Salvini, on the Facebook profile of the head of the Northern League, wrote: Citizenship can not be donated, it has to be deserved. The law is not supported by the opposition Five Star Movement (M5S).
In front of the senate building in the center of Rome, about fifty members of the far-right New Force (FN) protested against the expansion of Italian nationality. They were pushed back with a water gun.
According to the Social Affairs Committee of the Roman parliament, the law could provide Italian citizenship for about one million Italian immigrant families.

Source: MTI

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