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Verhofstadt: important issues still need to be settled in the area of ​​citizens’ rights      Brexit 

Verhofstadt: important issues still need to be settled in the area of ​​citizens’ rights   

Important issues still need to be addressed in the area of citizens’ rights in the negotiations on the conditions for EU exit from the United Kingdom, said Guy Verhofstadt, the Brexit chief negotiator of the European Parliament, Wednesday, one day before the start of the sixth round of rounds of negotiations.

The MEP on Twitter said it was unacceptable that EU citizens living in the island had promised nothing would change, but the British government had to specify the planned elections in two or more paragraphs.
He stressed that negotiations are “torturingly slow” and important issues are still to be resolved in order to guarantee “equal and fair treatment”, while the guarantees currently offered by London are virtually insufficient.
Prime Minister Theresa May has recently stated that the parties are already close to the agreement and on Tuesday he reported that a large majority of EU citizens living in the United Kingdom may remain after the 2019 exit.
“We do not accept the reports that it is near the Convention’s finalization of citizens’ rights,” Verhofstadt said in response.
Also on Wednesday, the “internal preparation” of EU-UK trade negotiations has begun among the representatives of the remaining member states. Leaders of “Twenty-Two” agreed in October that, if progress can be made on the major issues of deconstruction, the next round of negotiations on the future system of relations will begin as soon as possible.
Leaders of the “Twenty-Two” will decide on the EU summit in December if sufficient progress has been made to move on to the second negotiating stage.

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