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From the world’s most expensive artwork, it turns out that it was not even painted by Leondardo Culture 

From the world’s most expensive artwork, it turns out that it was not even painted by Leondardo

Famous art historians, including Matthew Landrus, historian of the University of Oxford, question whether Leonardo da Vinci painted the world’s most expensive painting, Salvator Mundi.

Several experts have questioned that he bought for $ 450 million last year, Salvator Mundin, the most expensive piece of art on the basis of the amount, as well as the famous master Leonardo, as he has been held so far. Among other things, Matthew Landrus, historian of the University of Oxford, questioned the fact that Leonardo da Vinci is really a work. According to the renowned Leonardo researcher, the portrait of Christ was made by Bernardino Luini, who works in the studio of Renaissance master, whose works are now worth a million pounds in the art market today.

Salvator Mundi was bought for $ 450 million in Christie’s New York auction last November by the Abu Dhabi Cultural Ministry. The Renaissance painting depicting Jesus in a blue mantle with a crystal ball has long been attributed to the great master, but to a disciple or other contemporary, for a long time.

The first known owner of the oil painting for walnut wood was King Charles I of England, and in 1763 he was the son of the son of Buckingham’s prince, but later disappeared, and was only re-painted at the end of the nineteenth century, painted several times almost unrecognizable. In 1900, when Sir Charles Robinson bought an English collector, it was recorded as Luini’s painting. The masterpiece was sold again in 2005, but it is still the original copy inspired by the original. The 2005 buyer restored the painting, of which

after an investigation of six years, an international expert group has found its originality.

The London National Gallery in 2011-2012 presented the rediscovered, 65-centimeter-long painting as an American collector. His latest owner was Dmitry Ribolovyev, Russian billionaire, AS Monaco football team, who bought the work for $ 127.5 million for four years from Yves Bouvier, a Swiss art dealer.

“This is Luini’s painting. If we look at the work of Leonardo’s disciples, we can see that Luini is painting in the way that he can see on Salvator Mundi, “Landrus said, who thinks the painting is only 5-20 percent Leonardó, the primary painter Luini. Landrus, besides Landrus, also expressed their doubts, Frank Zöllner, an art historian at the University of Leipzig, says the painting is a high-quality work of “Leonardo’s workshop or a later trainer.” According to Italian Renaissance expert Charles Hope, the paintings attributed to Leonardó are very different from this portrayal of Christ.
Some of the Louvre staff in Paris also voiced doubts.

Vincent Delieuvin, a specialist in the 16th century Italian art of the museum and a curator of Leonardo’s Paris exhibition, refused to comment on the views of the Guardian. Earlier, Landrus told the paper that “I can prove that Luini painted most of the image. It is enough evidence to compare his paintings with Salvator Mundi. ”

The British historian, who considers Leonardo’s workshop as the most talented assistant to Luini Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio, compared Luin’s painting with the Salvator Mundi in the National Gallery of London, Christ the Doctors, and highlighting the similarities of style, brushing, color use he said, “the most accurate is if they attribute the work to Luini and not Leonardó.”

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