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The oldest eye of the world has been discovered in a 530 million year-old fossil Other Interesting Facts 

The oldest eye of the world has been discovered in a 530 million year-old fossil

The oldest discovery of the world so far has been concealed by a 530 million-year-old fossil according to a new study by an international research group.

The fossil of a long dead sea creature contains an early form of an eye, such as some of today’s crabs, bees and dragonflies, according to the science sciences science magazine PNAS published by Science Daily.
Scientists discovered the idea when a trilobite – three-legged ancestral cancer was studied – in a fossilized fossil.
The ancestor of spiders and crabs during the Paleozoic period lived 541-251 million years ago in coastal waters.
The fossil found in Estonia discovered the primitive form of the complex eye: the organ consists of groups of small sight cells called so-called ommatides, similar to those of today’s bees.
The discovery shows that the complex eye of insects did not change much in 500 million years.
As some of the right eyes of the examined fossil have been worn, scientists have also gained an insight into the body’s organs: the structure and functioning of the eye are known in detail.
Compared to many of today’s livestock, this trilobite saw weakness, but it recognized the predators and obstacles in their way – the scientists wrote.
Contrary to today’s complex eyes, this eye had no lens. This is explained by scientists that this species – the Schmidtiellus reetae – lacked the vase of the part required for the formation of the lens.
A few million years later, another trilobite of today’s Baltic states had higher-resolution, more advanced complex eyes – the researchers said.
Brigitte Schoenemann, a scientist at the University of Cologne, a member of the research team, said that this is probably the earliest eye that can be found.
“The sediment layers under the find have only traces of the original animals that were too soft to get stoned, so they disappeared over time,” he explained.

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