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Even the most remote waters in the world have a surprisingly high rate of plastic waste Big World 

Even the most remote waters in the world have a surprisingly high rate of plastic waste

Even the most remote waters in the world are surprisingly high in microorganisms, that is, the proportion of plastic particles less than five millimeters, “said experts who first collected and analyzed data on some of the unrecognized regions of the ocean.

The researchers collected samples from a central region of the southern Indian Ocean at 45.5 degrees south of the Indian Ocean on a research vessel at the Volvo Ocean Race sailboat landing competition – read the website of the British magazine The Guardian.
Sören Gutekunst, the Geomar Helmholtz Ocean Research Center operating in Kiel, Germany, showed that 42 micrometers of particles were detected per cubic meter, which is a surprising result in terms of the extent of the area.
“We have never collected data on micromagnetics from this extremely distant area and we have found a relatively high prevalence rate,” said the specialist, adding that with recent results, they could get a much more complex picture of what is happening with microorganisms ocean.
According to Gutekunst, research into microwaves in the oceans – micro-sized plastic particles from the wear and tear of everyday objects and industrial products – is still in its infancy. Scientists have detected only 1 percent of the amount they suspect so far.
Fresh data showed the highest micromolecular concentration in Europe’s North Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline: 180-307 micrometers per cubic meter. Also high values were found in Cape Town (152 micrometers per cubic meter) and Australian coasts (114-115 micrometers per cubic meter).
At present, more than 8 million tonnes of plastic waste are plowed into the world’s oceans annually. Recent studies have shown that billions of plastic scrap pieces exist in the coral reefs, further aggravating the situation of flowering animals.

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