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The popularity of Emmanuel Macron has fallen European Union 

The popularity of Emmanuel Macron has fallen

Emmanuel Macron’s six-point dropout rate dropped by one month, at present, 44 percent of the French people are satisfied with their policies, according to a survey from the Ifop polling institute published on Sunday by Le Journal du Dimanche.

According to a survey conducted by the 1953 French-speaking citizen between 9 and 17 February, 55 percent of the French are dissatisfied with the government’s policy.
The head of state’s preference index – which was still above 50 per cent in December and January – dropped mainly in the 50-64 age group, about 10 per cent, probably due to a rise in pension contributions on January 1.
After the election in May of last year, Macron’s popularity of 66 percent was down by 20 percent by the end of the summer, but since then it gradually increased until the end of the year.
Frédéric Dabi, director of the survey, Ifop, said the halt was clear for the government, as the leader’s preference for Édouard Philippe also dropped from 49 per cent last month to 46 per cent last month.
According to the analyst, purchasing power plays an increasingly important role in judging the head of state. In society, it is disappointing that the majority of the French do not yet feel the improvement in purchasing power, which is constantly promised by the government. Regarding the hope of a real transformation of the country, the first criticisms were made by the opinion poll.
Frédéric Dabi also pointed out that Macron was still more popular than his predecessors during the same period. In February, following his election, Nicolas Sarkozy was a right-wing leader’s preference score of 38, while former leftist leader Francois Hollande had 37 percent.

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