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He withdrew the European arrest warrant against Carles Puigdemont by the Spanish Supreme Court European Union 

He withdrew the European arrest warrant against Carles Puigdemont by the Spanish Supreme Court

He withdrew the European arrest warrant against Carles Puigdemon, former Catalan president, on the Spanish Supreme Court Thursday. According to the politician, this demonstrates the “enormous weakness” of the court case.

Judging by decision, Judge Pablo Llarena essentially dismissed the fact that Germany gave the Catalan leader of independence as a result of the mismanagement of public money in Spain, as decided by the Schleswig-Holstein Supreme Court a week ago.
The German decision meant that if he was extradited, Carles Puigdemon could only be held liable in this charge at the Spanish court, but not because of the more serious offense of rebellion.
That is, in this case, the former president, who is essentially the head of the Catalan independence process, could have been prosecuted for a minor offense as his subordinates who did not leave the country.
In mid-March, the Spanish Supreme Court filed charges against a total of 14 Catalan politicians on the grounds of revolt against the unconstitutionality of a referendum on independence on October 1, and the adoption of the Catalan Declaration of Independence.
Pablo Llarena objected to the proceedings of the German court which, in her view, acted in essence beyond her powers, since her role was limited to verifying whether the facts reported by the Spanish court were to be found in German criminal law or whether a similar procedure would be applied if all these It happens.
The judge also withdrew the European Arrest Warrant for the other Catalan government members Antoni Comín, Luis Puig, Meritxell Serret, Clara Ponsatí, who were voluntarily expelled abroad.
Three of them are in Brussels for more than eight and a half months. Their dismissal in mid-May was dismissed by the Belgian court as it found the arrest warrant unlawful.
However, the arrest warrant issued in Spain and the former president is valid, so if they return home they are detained.
“The withdrawal of the European Arrest Warrant demonstrates the enormous weakness of the court case,” Carles Puigdemon responded on Twitter, emphasizing that he believes that the release of “political prisoners” should now be strengthened more than ever.
He added that in their case, termination of pre-trial detention would mean that Spanish justice began to function as a European.
Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas, a Catalan politician’s defense attorney, recognized EFE’s Spanish news agency as a success in withdrawing the European Arrest Warrant and also said that he would consider it logical if Puigdemon returned to Belgium after being released from Germany.
This is the second case for Pablo Llarena to withdraw the European Arrest Warrant; first on December 5, after taking over the case from the Spanish central court and justifying his decision at that time to pursue a uniform procedure.

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