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Water shortage threatens England United Kingdom 

Water shortage threatens England

According to the British Environment Authority, there is a serious lack of water in England by 2050 if residents do not change their habitats. The organization blames the growing population, poor water management and climate change due to the trend.

“If we do not increase our water resources and do not reduce our water use or waste water, there is a serious lack of water in many areas in 2050, especially in the south-eastern region.”

“Said Emma Howard Boyd, Head of the Environment Authority.
According to the authority, three billion liters of water per day are wasted in England due to leaks. It would be enough for twenty million people to meet their water needs. According to the first large-scale report on water resources in England, an average British man uses 140 liters of water a day.

“We need to change our water usage habits. Water is the most important factor in ensuring a healthy environment, but we use too much of it.”

Boyd wrote in his statement.

According to the authority, the excessive water demand of the population and industry is unsustainable and harmful to rivers and the local wildlife.

According to the UN World Water Development Report
– water scarcity affects more than 40% of the world’s population;
– Since 1900, 64-71 percent of the glittering areas of the Earth have disappeared due to human activity;
– 3.6 billion people live in areas where the risk of severe water shortages lasts for at least one month per year;
– By 2050, every fourth person is likely to face chronic or recurrent water scarcity, and this proportion is expected to increase further due to global warming.

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