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Vona also resigned from his parliamentary mandate

Gábor Vona announced her decision on Facebook and the result of their Monday Bureau meeting. He wrote:

“I resign from the office of presidency Today, in the light of yesterday’s election results, I have submitted my resignation to my promise, which was approved by the Jobbik Presidency.” In the near future, the Jobbik Renewal Congress will be convened to elect a new chairman, to the Presidency that I will not take over my list parliamentary mandate. ”

Late on the evening of the election, he announced that he would give up his resignation, and that they were holding their presidency on Monday. At that time, he was still saying that

If I submit my resignation, the Presidency must write a Renewal Congress to elect a chairman. There is a political reserve in me, but the Congress decides who you want to be president. But the process of demilitarization, which has increased our base, makes our future clearer. I do not plan to change after the election

As it turned out, he finally withdraws from politics.

Jobbik reached 19.34% on Sunday’s list, which is enough for 25 seats in the present. Jobbik brought a single constituency in Fejér County.

One of the Jobbik vice-presidents, Toroczkai, had previously joined Vona on Facebook, wrote: “Gábor Vona has failed, but Jobbik is alive. However, if Gábor Vona thinks she has not fallen asleep and the resignation will only be apparent, “. Not only Vona, but another vice-president Tamás Sneider reacted. He wrote that it was not too comical to publicly turn to Vona, and in fact every Vice-President should also dismiss Toroczkai, who was also involved in the collapse of the people. Subsequently Novan Predd also wrote that Gábor Vona was a burden to Jobbik.

Lone in his new Facebook post he wrote:

“As a candidate for Prime Minister of Jobbik for 2018, I assumed a one-person responsibility, because the election victory did not materialize, I kept my word. the community will become even stronger in the next period, but after 12 years, not as a president, thank you to the more than one million people who supported our party yesterday and we promise to continue our struggle against a safe, liveable , free and just for Hungary, and all Jews can expect to live anywhere in the world, with Hungarian hearts, common sense and clean hands. ”

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