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Washington announces new sanctions against Russia United States Of America 

Washington announces new sanctions against Russia

The United States is likely to impose new sanctions on Russia for Syria, the United States ambassador announced on Sunday.

Nikki Haley in his political debate on Sunday morning with CBS Television Against the Nation, reports that Finance Minister Steve Mnuchin will announce new sanctions on Russia on Monday.

In his argument, the UN Ambassador said: Moscow continues to support Bassar al-Assad’s Syrian president and system, including the Chemical Weapons Program.

According to Haley, the expected sanctions will affect all Russian companies that have anything to do with the Syrian Chemical Weapons program, either through the sale or delivery of equipment. From the air strikes on Friday to Saturday, Haley said, “Their aim was to” not launch war “and” kill people “.

We are not looking for war, this is the last thing the president wants, “he said. At the same time, he excluded the possibility of direct negotiations with President Asad. Assad is “not worth it” to negotiate with him, “he said. He said Washington had” used all diplomatic means before, but now the time has come for action. ”

“We have resumed their chemical weapons program for years,” he said, literally repeating the words of Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie, Director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Staff at the Pentagon Saturday’s press conference.

Nikki Haley said: Damascus has until now refused to sit in a negotiating table, but “now it is in Russia to make Syria negotiate.”

Origo, MTI / Photo: Times of India

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