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Wizz Air’s starting airliners were the fastest in Britain last year United Kingdom Travel 

Wizz Air’s starting airliners were the fastest in Britain last year

Wizz Air airplanes have been launched on the basis of the largest aggregate data released on Monday by the British Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on average 23 minutes late on UK airports last year.

The 2017 list of the most unlucky airline was followed by the Norwegian Air Shuttle after the Hungarian background, followed by Vueling Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines and BMI Regional.
In a statement Monday, the British press included 44 airlines taking at least two thousand scheduled flights from UK airports last year. When determining the average of the delays, all flights were taken into account, even those that acceded accurately. The CAA does not take into account the canceled flights. The most accurate was Scandinavian Airlines, the airline machines typically only delayed seven minutes. The second is Aer Lingus, followed by Air France, Alitalia and Delta Airlines.
Considering all flights and airlines, the average delay was 15 minutes in 2017 for flights departing from British airports.
A spokeswoman for Wizz Air partially blamed the airport infrastructure, the busy airspace and last year’s unusually hard winter, for which, as he said, the British airline’s flights were far behind more than the other countries. According to The Guardian, he added that measures have been taken to reduce delays, including eight airplanes in the United Kingdom, to be less vulnerable to possible delays in arriving.
British Airline Association, the managing director of BAR UK, recalled that delays cost enormous costs to companies and work with the government, the aviation authorities and the airports to minimize the causes of delays outside them.
Passengers are entitled to various benefits and compensations depending on the reasons and extent of the delay.

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