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XVI. Benedict defended Ferenc Pope against “stupid prejudices”      Big World 

XVI. Benedict defended Ferenc Pope against “stupid prejudices”   

In a letter he received the defense of Pope Francis XVI. Benedek quoted criticism of his theologian’s views on his successor as “stupid bias” on Monday, pointing out that the Pope elected five years ago represents continuity.

XVI. A retired Pope Benedict sent a letter to the bookmaker in honor of Pope Francis, elected on March 13, 2013. The Vatican issued a series of books on the theological views of Ferenc Pope with the cooperation of eleven international theologians.
In the letter of the retired pope, he wrote that the series “responds to the stupid prejudice that Ferenc Pope is only a practical person without theological or philosophical qualifications”. XVI. Benedek emphasized that a similar opinion had been formulated before. Judges at that time claimed that he was solely theoretical theologian who “knew little about the practical life of a Christian today”.
XVI. Benedict added that Pope Francis has profound philosophical and theological qualifications, which helps to see “the inner continuity between the two papacy despite all differences in style and personality”.
One author, the Italian theologian Mariella Perroni, told the Vatican to find difficult theologians to issue the series, as many rejected the invitation that Pope Francis did not have the appropriate theological qualifications.

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