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You can already place your space in the first space station Interesting Facts Travel 

You can already place your space in the first space station

If anyone has been in the world everywhere and can not afford to spend their money, the first space hotel promises a great experience, starting in 2022. The reservation has already begun.

It has begun selling seats to the world’s first space-space at Orion Span. The Texas company offers a $ 80,000 reservation for the Aurora Station, which is scheduled to take guests from 2022. However, a little more than 20 million forints will be fully refunded if the plan is slipping, “Telegraph writes.

For a lot of money, it’s a great experience

However, the deposit will not be a really big deal for future space writers. As a matter of fact, they will have to pay $ 9.5 million, or $ 2.4 billion, for weightlessness, for up to 200 miles (322 kilometers) of the Earth’s surface for 12 days. Despite the tremendous amount of money, the business seems to be a success: the company’s Twitter page says it has been booked for four months in 72 hours.

Candidates will be attending three months’ preparation before the trip. Four people will be able to travel at once, plus two crew members.

The space shuttle will flee the Earth every half an hour, so in the course of 24 hours 16 sunrise and sunshine will be visible to the lucky ones. Their comfort will be served by a holodeck offering virtual reality and fast wifi to keep in touch with their family and friends on the internet.

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