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Bombing virus – British Interior Secretary: North Korea stood behind the spring cyber attack     United Kingdom 

Bombing virus – British Interior Secretary: North Korea stood behind the spring cyber attack  

The British government is convinced that North Korea was behind the black-and-white burglary attack in the world.

The first target of the 150-country cyber attack on May 12 was the British Public Health Service (NHS), whose IT and telecommunications systems were shut down for 47 hours in England and 16 in Scotland. Because of the attack, a number of UK hospitals have only received emergency cases for some time, and many planned surgeries had to be postponed because patients’ data became inaccessible.
Ben Wallace, Secretary of State for Security Affairs at BBC Radio, said on Friday that the British government is convinced that the cyber attack was launched in North Korea and was committed in the professional circles with a virus identified as WannaCry.
According to Wallace, “there is a strong suspicion” that a foreign state machine was behind the attack, and in the international community it is widely believed that this foreign state was North Korea. London also claims this, “the strongest possible conviction,” said the British Under-Secretary of State for Home Affairs.
The virus has infected at least 300,000 computers worldwide. Messages on the attacked computers claimed $ 300 equivalent in the virtual currency called bitcoin for the unlock code for the unrecoverable data for the virus.
The report by the British National Audit Office (NAO) on Friday released the NHS as it found that many local districts of the British public health service disregarded cyber security recommendations that had not been formulated before the attack.
At NHS hospitals, the NAO reported that at least 6900 pre-planned treatments had to be canceled due to the virus attack, including at least 139 emergency investigations suspected of having cancer patients in their GPs.
Before the attack, NHS’s own digital background service company reviewed the 88 NHS district IT systems and found none of them met the required cyber security standards.

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